As a child, my favorite activity was to go for "an adventure" on my family's land: exploring the creeks, playing in the woods, and building forts. This delight in adventuring would continue throughout my life manifesting itself in different ways. After obtaining a degree in environmental studies and biology, I led backpacking and field biology trips for students to the deserts of Arizona and to the high country of California, Washington, and Alaska. Several summers were filled leading mountaineering trips to the peaks of the North Cascades.

The desire to be in wild places took me to the Brooks Range of northern Alaska. After 3 summers and part of a winter traipsing about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, I packed my bags and moved to Homer, Alaska. It was an inspirational place to live.

In addition to exploring my new home in the traditional ways, I began to explore with paint and brush. Eventually painting and computer graphics became my favorite forms of artistic expression. Pen & ink and serigraphy earned a prominent place in my portfolio also. With these skills, and a desire to make a career in art, I started a part-time commercial art business in 1985. In 1996, I opened Victoria Hand Design and became a full time artist.

After 11 years of living in the North, I returned to the lower 48 and to my hometown of Redwood Valley, CA. I currently live in Santa Rosa, CA. Throughout these years, my client list has evolved and expanded. With every project, I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of creating art that is tailored to meet clients' personalities and special requirements. By combining hand-drawn art with computer graphics, I've developed a niche that excites and fulfills me. With a paintbrush in one hand and a computer keyboard in the other, I'm continuing on life's great adventure.